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About Us


Saratoga French Cultural Preschool Center

Saratoga French Cultural Preschool Center was started 

January, 2015.   

Situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we are located in the city of  Saratoga, CA.   

Our primary goal as educators is to offer quality care to children

 2 year old to entry to first grade. 

We recognize each child is unique and value the differences that each child brings to the center in terms of development, skill levels and interests. Our program allows for flexibility in order to meet the individual needs of each child. Our daily program allows each child to develop his/her physical, social-emotional, cognitive and artistic abilities through child-initiated play and teacher-directed learning.   

We focus on French language acquisition and communication. We believe our role as educators is to help each child to develop autonomy, self-esteem and problem solving skills in a social and enchanting classroom setting.

Meet the Team

Nadia Jorio, Founder and Director


Nadia loves to teach and spread the different philosophies in SFC Preschool. She wants to make sure her children feel secure, loved and eager to learn despite being the founder and director of the program.

Christine Cimet, Administrative Assistant-Director & Teacher in the 2 years and 3 years old classroom


 Christine is a very caring, joyful and passionate Teacher she also assist her director. Christine joined the school in 2015.

Sylvie Deleule, Teacher in the 3 years and 4 years old classroom.


 Sylvie is a Master Story Teller, her students are always captivated by her enchanting stories. 

Florence Raynon, Teacher in the 2 years and 3 years old classroom


Florence enjoys her little ones by spreading her love everyday. Florence cares a lot for the well being of her preschoolers.

Stephanie Than Trong, Kindergarten teacher


Stephanie mixes Art and Teaching skills to create a wonderful atmosphere for her kindergarteners. Her kindergarteners gets amazing skills and knowledge before entering first grade

Marie-Helene Guiraudet, Assistant-Teacher in the 3 years and 4 years old classroom


 Miss Marie Helene, is very passionate and eager to learn more in order to teach. Her sense of good humour makes her special. 

Khadija Abdelkebir, Assistant-Teacher in the 2 years and 3 years old classroom


Miss Khadija is very caring and loving teacher to have in the classroom. 

Moncef Kaci, Assistant Teacher in the nursery, pre-k classrooms


 Moncef is very happy to become a fully qualified by December 2020. His engagement and motivation makes him a great teacher to have in the classroom. 

Morgane Bhatt, Sub-Teacher


Every time Morgane subs for a teacher, she brings her fun attitude to the classrooms. 

Kalisa Beagle, English Teacher


Miss Kalisa, is the English and Kindergarten teacher. She is a very fun teacher to have in class. The children learn the core curriculum with joy and passion.

Catherine Sam-Long, Kindergarten Teacher


Miss Catherine,

has been teaching for many years. 

She loves interacting with children, especially kindergarteners. She is passionate about transmitting French language and culture to young students.

One of her favorite classroom activities is story time.

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Saratoga French Cultural Preschool & Kindergarten

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